Castle Rock Probate Lawyer

The Law Offices of Chris Roubicek, P.S., located in Castle Rock, Washington, is a law firm staffed by a sole attorney who focuses primarily on probate and estate planning. Since 1981, I have assisted clients throughout southwest Washington with probate matters.

Castle Rock Probate And Estate Planning Lawyer

Many people come to my office with the notion that probate is a grueling process. Fortunately, the reality is that probate is not as difficult as people often imagine it to be. At any given time, I am working at least 50 probate cases. My knowledge and years of experience put my clients' minds at ease while I take them through the probate process — and usually, my clients leave my office with a sense of relief.

Frequently, clients who come to me with a probate matter realize that they need to protect their own families. I help my clients find the estate planning solutions that best meet their needs. Wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney, medical directives and Medicaid planning are all estate planning matters that I handle for my clients.

Castle Rock Real Estate Law Attorney

I handle all types of real estate matters, including quiet title actions, contract forfeitures, boundary line agreements and transactions. In a transaction, I can represent either the seller or the buyer. I am equipped to handle residential real estate transactions as well as more complex purchases of timber land, agricultural land or commercial property.

Castle Rock Commercial Law Attorneys

All too often, entrepreneurs go into business as sole proprietors without realizing that they are personally liable for what happens in the business; this can cause a business owner to lose not only the business but all of his or her personal assets as well. I encourage business owners to protect themselves by forming entities. With my help, my clients are able to determine what type of entity would best suit their business. Over the years, I have facilitated the formation of hundreds of entities.

Additionally, I review commercial leases and represent buyers and sellers in business sales.

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I am the only attorney in Castle Rock, and my clients come from all over southwest Washington. To make an appointment, call my office at 360-967-4268 or send me an email.