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Starting a business can be exciting, but without forming the right kind of entity, the owner of the business can become personally liable in the event of a catastrophe — and lose all of his or her assets. At the Law Offices of Chris Roubicek, P.S., I help businesspeople determine what types of entities are best for them.

Castle Rock Operating Agreements Attorney

Over the years, I have helped form hundreds of entities, including corporations, LLCs and partnerships. Many sole proprietors do not realize that they are personally liable for what happens in their business and can lose not only their business but their personal assets as well. In order to prevent my clients from potentially losing everything, I sit down with them and help them come to a decision as to which entity would be the best fit for them. More often than not, advice from an experienced lawyer can make the difference between collapse and survival of a business.

I work with tax preparers and CPAs to assist my clients with their tax issues. For sole proprietors, paying income tax and self-employment taxes are a significant challenge. I advise sole proprietors about the financial benefits of forming an entity. Corporations and LLCs have different tax implications, and I help my clients understand the differences.

In addition to entity formation, I represent buyers and sellers in business sales and review leases for commercial landlords. No matter what business solutions my clients need, I am dedicated to helping find the path that will lead them in the right direction.

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My office is located in Castle Rock, Washington. As a Castle Rock business law attorney, I work with clients from all over southwestern Washington. Make an appointment with me by email or by phone at 360-967-4268.