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Helping You Navigate Probate And Estate Administration

Probate is a process that many people dread. However, as they are likely to discover when they visit the Law Offices of Chris Roubicek, P.S., probate does not need to be a difficult experience. Many of my clients are relieved to discover that probate is much easier than they assumed it would be.

Advising You Throughout The Estate Administration Process

In the initial meeting with a client, I will gather information and learn about the person who passed away. What are the assets? Did he or she have a will? Who are the beneficiaries? The answers to these questions will tell me how best to proceed on behalf of the client. At times, probate is unnecessary, particularly if the decedent had a trust. Other times, a small estate affidavit is sufficient.

In the state of Washington, creditors have four months to file a claim with an estate, so the estate must remain open for that amount of time. Additionally, probate can be brought in any county in Washington; there is no requirement for probate to be brought in the county where the decedent lived.

Often, clients come to me for help with probate and realize that they need to put their own estate planning documents in place. I work closely with my clients to determine which estate planning solutions are best.

Probate litigation, inheritance disputes, and guardianships are not things that I handle, but I do have a network of other lawyers to whom I often refer clients who are in need of such services.

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For over 30 years, I have assisted clients with probate matters. In my office in Castle Rock, Washington, I serve clients in Cowlitz County, Pacific County and throughout the southwestern part of the state. Probate and estate planning make up the majority of my practice. To set up an appointment, call me at 360-967-4268.